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The Bill Reid Foundation was established as a registered charity in 1999, its mission being to preserve the art and perpetuate the legacies of Bill Reid.
However, this site is no longer active for the foundation. For information on Bill Read, please visit The Raven's Call - the most comprehensive website dedicated to the life and work of one of Canada’s greatest artists. The site features a gallery of over 200 of Reid’s works in a variety of media from jewelry to prints and sculptures from the Bill Reid Foundation collection and more than 50 partner institutions and private collections.

Things You Must Not Cook in a Microwave Oven

Cook in Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is a very useful device in your kitchen, as it cooks food faster and makes the entire process more convenient. But not all food items can be put in it.

Paper bags

It’s a no-no to put them in your microwave. No matter how thick the paper bag is, it can still release toxins. Plus, it may cause an eruption that will lead to flames. You don’t want to burn your house just because you microwave a paper bag filled with your favorite food, do you?

Plastic bags

They’re made of plastic so the microwave will just burn them. Instead of using plastic bags, buy microwaveable plastic wrap. Or you may choose a microwave-safe container. This will work with this oven without fear of explosion.

Metal travel mugs

Although there are mugs that you can heat using this oven, most travel mugs aren’t microwave oven-safe. This is especially true if they’re made of metals, they’ll just end in disaster causing your microwave to explode. Don't believe me? Just read this microwave comparison reviews and you'll be convinced.

Red sauce

If you need to heat red sauce, you’ll have to place it in a microwaveable container. Don’t forget to cover it up. Else, it’ll end up in a mess. However, you must not cover it tightly. Just put the cover on top of the container but don’t seal it.

Styrofoam containers

Placing these containers in a microwave will only cause a fire. As they’re made of plastic, they’ll likely melt and their components will go into the food that can be poisonous. Plus, these containers will burn easily.

There are other things you must never put and heat using a microwave oven. Make sure that you’ve read your owner’s manual to know them all. Under any circumstances, don’t try to heat them up in this oven.


Useful Objects That Can Be Made Using a 3D Printer

3D Printer

A 3D printer can cost a lot of money, but it’s a great machine that you can use to make prototypes out of a thin plastic filament and make layers to create one solid object.

This machine has evolved. It has now become a widely used machine as it allows you to print almost anything, from car parts to body parts. Although the most advanced unit is expensive, you can now purchase a unit with basic features. So, if you're seriously considering buying a 3d printer I suggest you read a few reviews first, as there are lot of differences in price and capabilities.

Here are some of the things a 3D printer can make.

1. Can be used to make prosthetics

You’ve seen Mission Impossible, right? It uses 3D printing to copy the face of someone. In reality, some researchers are using their cameras to create a digital model of the required part before printing it and make prosthetics. Unlike conventional prosthetics that have been handcrafted, prosthetics produced by a 3D printer are cheaper.

2. Make better clothes

Instead of wasting your money on fabrics just to come up with a better designed gown, you can print your prototype and hand it over to your client. From there, he/she can decide whether to continue with it or not. You can make modifications to meet the standards of your clients without having to make different clothes.

3. Design a guitar

The Maker Faire exhibition held two years ago displayed a fully functional guitar that was printed using a 3D printer. In the future, musicians can already order a customized guitar to produce the music that they want.

4. Print life-size fetus

If you’re a pregnant mother, you can now show off a life-size model of your unborn child. Certain 3D printers in Japan can produce replicas of scanned abdomen of a woman showing the fetus she’s carrying. This can help doctors see if the fetus has deformities. Although it may sound creepy, it’s cool.

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