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The Foundation

The Bill Reid Foundation was established as a registered charity in 1999, its mission being to preserve the art and perpetuate the legacies of Bill Reid.
However, this site is no longer active for the foundation. For information on Bill Read, please visit The Raven's Call - the most comprehensive website dedicated to the life and work of one of Canada’s greatest artists. The site features a gallery of over 200 of Reid’s works in a variety of media from jewelry to prints and sculptures from the Bill Reid Foundation collection and more than 50 partner institutions and private collections.

How to Create Gorgeous Crimped Waves at Home

On the ramp, you probably have seen many beautiful models and celebrities in crimped wave’s hairstyles performing catwalks. The elongated crimped waves are trendy for all times. One of the most popular singer and actress is Taylor Swift who has always been renowned about her hairstyles by her fans.

The most defining feature of Taylor Swift is her hair style. Sometimes you will see her in bangs and sometimes in wide crimpy waves. She continuously tests out different hairdos and she certainly knows what her fans like and how she can grab their attention. If you are like me, you would definitely want to know the secret behind Taylor Swift's gorgeous crimped waves. At one glance, her waves seems like someone has made a braid in wet hairs and opened it up once dried properly. Don’t be silly, that is not the case with Taylor hairs. If you are interested to know how she gets those waves and curls carry on reading this further...

Curling Wand- Hairstyling Tool for Getting Crimped Waves

Get Waves like Taylor Swift
The curling wand is a hairstyling tool that can help you get exactly the same crimped waves Taylor Swift enjoys. It is incredibly easy if you have this one at home, so get ready to envy your friends and colleagues with lovely curls just like your famous celebrity.
Believe me or not, a curling wand can create such beautiful waves just like you see in the oceans. You can feel the difference between the curling results you get with curling iron and curling wand. Even the best tested curling iron for 2016 will provide you typical spring waves but noticeably the curling wand will give you “S” shape waves just like Taylor Swift.

How to Get Waves like Taylor Swift?

I won’t hang you anymore so let’s reveal the secret behind Taylor Swift's gorgeous crimped waves. All you need is to simply hold a section of hair and clamp down it around the ceramic barrel of your curling wand, lift it up and clamp down again. Repeat the process until all your hairs get the right waves your desire. That’s it. You have lush “S” crimped waves now.

Point to Be Noted!

Make sure you get the crimped look that match today’s fashion and style unlike 80’s, and for doing that you should start about 4 to 5 inches down side to your head in order to avoid fussy waves mixing all together. Hope this will work for you.

The Secret to Staying Fit and Looking Beautiful

A fitness tracker is more than just a tracking device. It can gather data of every move you make so it can provide you with better insights about your health and how you can improve it.

Each model and unit has its own features, but regardless of what unit you’re using, its main goal is to assist you in maximizing your workout routine.

Can it be used for swimming?

Yes, it can but you’ll need a unit that’s designed for this type of activity. Essentially, you’ll find a model that looks like a bracelet or a watch so it won’t fall off when you’re swimming.

Obviously, a fitness tracker for swimming is waterproof, but usually it can only be used up to 50 meters (depending on the brand and model you’re using).

How about sleep?

Apart from the above, this device will also help you monitor your sleep. This is especially important if you’re not getting enough sleep each night, plus it can wake you up for a less jarring wakeup mode.

This best activity and sleep tracker test is an excellent source for picking a unit that's good in both fields. You will learn that you shouldn't just go about and buy a unit that you like because it all depends three thing: the type of person you are, the type of exercise you're doing and the level of exercise you have.

And heart rate?

You can pair this unit with a heart rate strap so you can record your heart rate while running or swimming. However, again, make sure that the strap is waterproof. Else, you’ll be destroying it. When choosing a fitness tracker for swimming, make sure that it has all the features that you need for a better swimming session.

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