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Five Tools you Need to Keep in your Vehicle to Face Any Emergency Situation

You love going to long rides with your friends and family members in your vehicle, but before you do that, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared both physically and mentally. Another important consideration before taking your vehicle to a long journey is to make sure that it is also ready to face any kind of emergency situation of the road. It does not matter, whether you own a brand new Mercedes Benz or drive a used Ford Mustang; a road side emergency can hit you at any time and in any place. If you are not well prepared to face the emergency, you can end up wasting a lot of time and going through a lot of botheration at the least and compromising your life at the most.

In order to make sure that both you and the passengers enjoy their long trip, following is a list of the five most important tools that should be present in the bus or your trunk before you hit the road.

1. Seatbelt Cutter/Window Breaker
Your seatbelt helps your protect your life in case you are involved in a roadside accidents, however, there are certain types of emergencies, like your car gets a fire or is drowned, when a seatbelt can endanger your life. A seatbelt cutter/window breaker, therefore, is an important emergency tool, that can save your life in such situations, and there should be handy and present in your vehicle at all times.
2. Tire Inflator
Rather than depending on your new tires, you should depend on a tire inflator. When on the road, a new tire is equally vulnerable to getting flat as a used one. Inflators come in various shapes, forms and sizes but the top rated tire inflators can help you inflate your flat tires quickly and put you on the road once again.
3. Fire Extinguisher
A small short circuit is good enough to ignite a fire in your vehicle, and if you are not prepared for it, the situation can quickly change against you. A fire extinguisher therefore is a must emergency tool that needs to be present in your vehicle at all times, and make sure it does not use water but powder instead.
4. Jumper Cables
Like any other part of your vehicle, you cannot trust your car batteries, and to make sure that you are prepared for any emergency, always keep a jumper cable handy in your vehicle.
5. Tow Strap
In case your vehicle gives up on you completely, a tow strap can help you tow it with some other car and bring it to the closet motor mechanic shop.

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Four Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Home

Most of us get terrified by the thought of having mold inside our homes, apartments or offices. We start applying various tips and techniques that we know, or our friends tell us, to get rid of this menace. However, before spending and wasting money in applying various techniques to get rid of mold, it is wise that we thoroughly understand what mold is, how it grows and what the most effectives ways to prevent mold in our home are.

top rated dehumidifier 2015Mold is neither an animal nor a plant; in fact it is a type of fungus and a reality of life that has existed for at least 400 million years. There is no place; both inside and outside of your home that does not contain spores of mold. If provided with the right level of humidity and warmth, these spores soon start to grow and turn into mold within no time. Although you cannot keep these mold spores completely out of your home, apartment or office, but you can surely apply some effective ways to prevent mold in your home.

Following are some of the most effective ways to prevent mold to grow and flourish in your home, apartment of office.
1. One of the most effective ways of getting rid of mold from your home is the use of dehumidifiers. As we already know that mold spores start to grow as soon as they are provided with an ideal mix of humidity and warmth. Therefore, getting rid of humidity is the best way to solve this problem. You can find a number of dehumidifiers in the market, when you go out looking for them. This top rated dehumidifier 2015 works effectively and provides maximum protection from mold. The ideal level of humidity inside your home should be maintained below 60% to prevent mold outbreak.
2. Another effective way of preventing mold in your home is the use of chemicals or biocides (e.g. chlorine bleach) to kill the spores. You need to make sure to thoroughly clean all those parts of your home or apartment, which are exposed to high-levels of humidity, like your bathroom, your kitchen or any wet walls.
3. Also make sure to pay prompt attention to any water leakages in your home. A regular checkup of your kitchen, bathroom and other parts of home is a must to make sure there are no water leakages.
4. It is also important to do a regular clean-up of your HVAC system. By keeping all the ducts, the air system, heating system and by regularly changing the filters, you can keep the mold spores at bay.


How to Find the Best Air Purifier for Asthma Sufferers

Best Air PurifierAn air purifier is one of the appliances in the house that can provide you with cleaner indoor air. Bear in mind that indoor pollutants are said to be 5 times higher than the air outside. Pollen, mold, pet dander, tobacco smoke and others can cause health problems.

Do you need it in your house?

You’ll need this appliance in controlling indoor pollutants. This is especially true if you or some of the household members developed health problems after refurnishing or remodeling your house.

This appliance is also a must if some of your family members are smoking tobacco. Or you have pets that you allow to stay indoors.
You may also hire a professional to help you evaluate your house’s indoor air quality. In this way, you’ll know whether you need to invest in an air purifier or not.

What’s the best unit for asthma sufferers?

I would suggest reading some HEPA type air purifier reviews for asthma, as you should really consider getting a unit with HEPA filtration. This is the most recommended air purifier because it can remove air pollutants up to 99.97%, not to mention the allergens of up to 0.3 microns in size that can be eliminated through this unit. You don’t need the most expensive brand for this, though.


Ministering to Your Dehumidifier for Improved Efficiency

For many people, doing without a dehumidifier in the house remains an impossibility. People have the wherewithal to bear extremes of hot and cold weather. However, when it comes to facing conditions having high humidity, the discomfort increases. However, excessive humidity levels do not merely lead to issues of discomfort. Such conditions are ideal for the proliferation of various microorganisms. Thus, high humidity levels indoors can be conducive for molds and other allergy-causing bacteria. Dehumidifiers resolve this situation by absorbing excess moisture from the air.

How They Work

Dehumidifiers function by soaking the air and then, cooling it rapidly. This makes the moisture condense. The fan in the dehumidifier then pushes the air back into the room. The dehumidifier collects the condensed water in an in-built container, which homeowners need to empty periodically. Dehumidifiers belong to that group of appliances that work behind the scenes. For the most part, they operate with little or no noise. People will place them in inconspicuous locations, where they can work without coming into anyone’s notice. These traits may appear very advantageous. However, they also indicate that many people will buy their dehumidifiers and then forget about maintaining them altogether. This results in a variety of issues such as:

- Reduced efficiency levels arising from dirty or clogged air filters
- Burnt coils and fan motors that impede the functioning of the dehumidifier
- Reduced levels of dehumidification because of frost formation on the condensing coil of the dehumidifier
- Increased levels of noise generated by loose mountings or cabinet panels
- Unclean water tanks that become the breeding ground for molds and mildew
Under these circumstances, it is evident that neglecting to look after your dehumidifier could be a costly mistake.

Given the immense utility value dehumidifiers provide, ensuring that they keep functioning at optimal levels of efficiency remains a priority. You may not need to invest time on a daily basis for maintaining your dehumidifier. However, a monthly check on the dehumidifier could make your dehumidifier last for longer. This would result in your receiving a better-than-average return on your investment. Besides, you do not need to be a wizard in dealing with electrical appliances in order to look after your dehumidifier. Simple steps can well add up to giving you better performance levels from your dehumidifying unit.


For example, consider the filter of your dehumidifier. This comes into close contact with moist air, thereby increasing the chances of molds and mildew growth. Hence, use a good disinfectant to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms. Depending on your dehumidifier, you could simply hose or vacuum the filter. Some dehumidifier models work with replaceable filters. Ensure that you replace them twice a year, or even more frequently, if needed.

Dusting your dehumidifier can help ensure that it remains free from dirt and dust. If you avoid this, the dust will keep accumulating within the unit, thereby reducing its efficacy. Further, the moisture will lead to the proliferation of dust mites and other allergens resulting in breathing disorders like asthma. Keep emptying the water tank of the dehumidifier. Stagnant water remains a fertile breeding ground for various bacteria and viruses. Hence, follow the old maxim of “Prevention is better than cure”.

Undoubtedly, you will not be able to resolve all the problems faced by your dehumidifier. Certain aspects of the unit will remain beyond your grasp. Therefore, follow a proactive approach at the outset. Ensure that you purchase your unit from a reputable retailer who provides the requisite warranties and maintenance services. This could be useful the older your unit becomes. It could also make your dehumidifier last for longer.


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