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Water Filter Systems for Purified Water Every Day

Water Filter SystemsA water filter may be expensive but it provides your body the water that it needs without the harmful chemicals and substances from various sources. Tap water may be cheaper than bottled water but it’s not healthy for you or your kids.

Your children need to have clean water. Unlike adults, their immune system isn’t yet fully developed so they’re prone to illness from drinking contaminated water.

In various studies, they showed that water from public water system has fluoride. Although this mineral is great for the strengthening of your teeth. However, it also increases your ability to absorb lead.

Even in school drinking water, it’s not free from pesticides and herbicides. Because children don’t have fully developed detox system, they are more prone to suffer from various illnesses as the result of drinking unclean water. In fact, researchers considered it as one of the causes of autism and ADHD.

Is water filter system safer than bottled water?

Most bottled water utilized water filter system. But you don’t need to purchase bottled water every time you go out and have your grocery shopping.

Another bad thing about bottled water is that 40% of them aren’t actually purified one. Rather, the water in the bottle came from the faucet without a water filter system. This means that it’s still not free from any type of contaminants.

Bottled water is also less regulated than the tap water. This means that anyone can produce and sell it. Then, there’s the fact of plastic water bottles that are discarded each day. There are more than 8,000 empty bottles being thrown away every day. The number is more than enough to fill thousands of garbage trucks each day. Plus, these empty bottles are considered to be a contributor to pollution.

Water filter to pack clean water

What’s great about having a water filter system at home is that you can easily pack clean water from your own home. You don’t need to dehumidify or purchase bottled water, of which you can’t be sure that it’s safe and non-toxic.

When you do pack clean water that has been filtered through a water filter, you must utilize glass as container as it is non-toxic.

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