With the rise of technology, more and more opportunities are available to us every day, both for fun and business. Online job opportunities are opening up to people across the globe – no matter where you are. This gives people a chance to even travel from one place to another, as their work doesn’t require them to be in one place. I am talking about digital nomads.

Digital nomads have been around from the 90s, and need only their telecommunications tools in order to work, making it easy for them to satisfy their wanderlust. If this is the lifestyle you are comfortable with, or, better yet, something you look forward to, then this little guide is just for you. Let’s get started.


First and foremost, you have to pick a profession that utilizes your skill set, and the one that can be done practically on the go. For example, we would not recommend being an on-call IT specialist, or a web designer (unless you are really good and your resources are anything but limited), since those professions, while digital in form, are not something that you can easily drop and move – the clients can be testy and project sometimes have ridiculous deadlines. We have picked a few professions a nomad like your future self can benefit from. The best part is that you are your own boss, and set your own hours and breaks.


It is all the rage right now, with the people of the developing countries working hard to make up for their educational shortcomings in order to find a better life elsewhere. This is where you come in. If you can teach a foreign language, or a similarly useful skill online, do it. There are many online schools that value such a talent.


Another thing you can take with you wherever you go is writing. There are many different types of it (we will not go into details), but it all boils down to writing a certain number of essays on a variety of topics by a designated date. You are free to move on whenever you want. The good thing about this is that you might not need a terribly fast internet connection, depending on the topic and the amount of research that needs to be done, naturally.


Some people earn money by reporting on their daily activities. This includes travel and culture guides, vlogging, or just some thoughts you like to share with the world. With enough followers and patrons, you can earn enough to sustain yourself.


Depending on what you are going for, we urge you to consider cities and countries with a good internet connection, but a low cost of living. This makes a lot of Asian and South European countries qualify. If you target youth hostels and private residences, you could make do, though we recommend finding a cheap hotel.

The Downside

Unfortunately, as great as being a digital nomad is, it isn’t perfect. Depending on your self-discipline, you may take too many days off, or not enough. The first will affect your income, and the second your health and social life.

Speaking of health, it is very difficult to go through a thorough physical if you travel a lot, as you will come across vastly different doctors with vastly different care that is available to you. Different types of medicine are subject to different regulations, so you might need to get rid of precious antibiotics if you are crossing the border.